Sort it out; Propel Yourself Forward

If someone asked you: what makes you thrive, what makes you, you? Would you be able to tell them? Personally, I had a hard time answering that question for a long period in my life. Sometimes in a flash I could see it, but then it would get lost again. What if you could sort it out and propel yourself forward?

airplane, ready for take-off

Maybe you finished the study, have the job, the relationship, all those things from which people tell you that it should make you happy. However, you’re not feeling it. Or it could be that you are thinking; if I would have (……), I would have it all. Maybe, you felt yourself thriving for a while, and now looking back, you wonder what happened.

Core Values and Acquired Values

Acquired values represent all of the things our surroundings tell us we must have or feel to experience autonomy, competency and connection. Our core-values on the other hand, are the intrinsic knowledge we all have about how to best meet our needs”

Senka Holzer, PhD

If this resonates with you, and you are ready to sort it out, let’s work together. Let’s start living that life that propels you forward!

It will be deep work, but also gratifying work, because it comes with the insight that you may choose which values you follow, and which values you let go of. Having done this work myself, I know what it feels like. For a while, it felt heavy and there was much work to do, but it started to feel lighter when I realized where in my life, I was able to live my core values. I also know that I couldn’t have done this without a coach who listened to what I didn’t hear, and was there for me when I reached a difficult spot.

When you work with me, we use a workbook with specific exercises. These exercises lead you to your specific core- and acquired values, increasing your insight and understanding of which values propel you forward. I am a certified values coach with Values2wellbeing, the program based on the research of Senka Holzer Ph.D. It will take about 4 to 5 months of working together, however it will keep paying off for much longer, as long as you keep showing up for yourself and reaching out when needed.

Please contact me here to start talking about how you can live your life where you propel yourself forward.