“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” Albert Einstein

Lighten Your Plate is about building a lifestyle that fits you, a lifestyle where you reach your goals. It is about creating your best possible you, in which you feel good about yourself while doing the things that truly fulfill you.

Changing the way we live, eat, move, work and love is one the hardest challenges we may take on in our lives. If we take our lead from any random internet search or the best seller book lists, it seems like everybody knows how to do it. Although there are many ways to reach the goals everyone seems to pursue, most of them tend to not stick.

A Different Approach

Margreet Adriani - Professional Coach for Lasting Lifestyle Changes at Lighten Your Plate

Hi, I’m Margreet Adriani, and I started Lighten Your Plate. I believe lifestyle changes are about more than weight or exercise goals, restrictions, and unrealistic expectations.

As a professional coach, I work with you at a deeper level where you can feel good about yourself, inside and out. A level that makes you confident that you will reach your goals.

This time will be different because you try a different approach. You have a person who has your back at all times. You energy will increase, your confidence will grow, and you will reach your goals.

While working with a professional coach you may very well change some other areas in your life to align those with who you really are.

Lasting lifestyle changes.

With You, All The Way

Through professional coaching (feeding the mind ) and tips on nutrition and/or physical activity (feeding body and mind), you get closer to your potential and bring your dreams within reach.

Lasting lifestyle changes; because you went beyond the usual…

  • Be fit and increase your energy
  • Having a healthy relationship with the food you enjoy
  • Break through obstacles when your life feels stuck
  • Find time for what really moves you
  • Align your values and needs

What about nutrition…?

Make sense of the noise and information overload about health, wellness, nutrition and exercise. I can help:

  • Major in Nutrition, Food and Dietetics Sacramento State University
  • Seven + years experience as a fulltime lifestyle coach
  • ACE(r) Certified Health Coach
  • Graduate of UC Davis Coaching for Life and Work
  • Associate Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation)
  • ACE(r) Certified Personal Trainer

Professional coaching – what to expect?

If you never partnered with a professional coach and are wondering how the coaching process can help you meet your goals, here is what you can expect:

  • Have open conversations in a safe, confidential environment so that you know someone is on your side
  • Work with a partner who is trained to help you uncover and express your goals, dreams, priorities, opportunities and barriers
  • Be challenged about your negative thoughts and assumptions about yourself so you can remove barriers
  • Work together to create attainable action plans so you can keep track of your journey
  • Stay on track through regular check-ins in order to celebrate success and fine-tune your plans if necessary