ADHD Resources

This list is by now means complete, however, these are the books, links, tools, and resources that have helped me learn, understand, and answer my many questions. I offer individual coaching sessions and body-double sessions. My wish is to create group sessions where everyone will help each other by sharing, listening, and supporting one another. Please contact me if you are interested.

Time Management

     ? Pomodoro Timer — Do more in less time, stress-free timer that might help with focus/gamification 

   Microsoft Planner and to-do list (will need subscription) 

Asana Free Strategic Planning Templates – Every Initiative [2023] • Asana

Planning and Organizing

Goal setting: 
  • wheel of life
  • Big Rocks, small Rocks
  • Mind Mapping
  • any calendar, paper or digital, that is used daily
Setting Priorities
  • Eisenhower Matrix
  • Solve It Grid

Nutrition and Exercise

Favorite books

Your Brain’s Not Broken by Tamara Rosier, PhD

A Radical Guide for Women with ADHD by Sari Solden, MS, and Michelle Frank, PsyD

The Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD by Lidia Zylowska, M.D.

Driven to Distraction by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D., and John J. Ratey, M.D.

How to Keep House while Drowning by KC Davis

How I Can Help You


“My clients are diverse and face different situations. They might be a student, seek a new job, start a new role, or run their own business. They have many responsibilities and aim to do well in many areas of their life. They are looking for a holistic approach.

My background as an ICF-trained coach, values coach, health coach, and ADHD coach helps me to understand what they are facing from many angles.”


 Curious to learn more?

 My coaching is individualized, my clients create more balance, courage, and happiness in their lives.

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