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    A life and career coach is a professional who helps individuals develop and use new skills and abilities for their life and/or career. They work with individuals to identify areas of improvement and create a plan to achieve their goals.

    “You may know in your gut that you want a coach who has your back. You might have been surfing the web, learning alll that you could find about coaches. You might be wishing for someone to talk to, to brainstorm with, or someone who can cheer you on while you gather your courage to make a change. You might have been struggling for a while and just realized recently that it has been enough.”

    We discuss the topics that are relevant to you. Sessions are usually 45 minutes to an hour long. I will use my coaching skills to guide you to solutions or actions that fit in your life, and your strengths. Sometimes I will have a suggestion that I would love to hear your thoughts on, however there is no expectation that you use the suggestion. I use my listening skills, questions and sometimes exercises as my tools to help you come to greater insight on what is going on and get you ready for action. We celebrate, collaborate and I will be at your side, even if you would change your mind.

    Coaching becomes more effective when you meet regularly and when you come with a topic to our sessions. If you have one goal, it might be enough to work together for about three months, if you have two or three topics, we might need about six months.  Initial packages and monthly packages available.

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