February 2024

Coaches grow and evolve with their clients!


  •  A Professional Coaching Certification
  •  A new website design
  •  ADHD coach training
  • and a Tool!


Coaches learn through training, studying, and practicing their skills. In February 2023, I passed a rigorous three-hour exam from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Yay!

 According to the ICF website, coaches who carry ICF’s professional certification indicate that they have met specific standards and requirements designed to develop and refine their coaching skills. ICF recognizes three levels, which are ACC (60+ hours of education and 100+ coaching hours), PCC (125+ hours of education and at least 500 coaching hours), and MCC (500+ hours of coaching education and at least 2500 hours of coaching hours). I am grateful to my clients who helped me earn my PCC certification. 

Secondly, I am in the homestretch of finishing my ICF certified ADHD coach training, which means that clients with ADHD spend less time explaining and are met with knowledge and understanding. Together, we discover strengths, problem-solve, and reach goals.


The tool I would like to discuss today is called the Eisenhower Matrix or Productivity Matrix. This tool can be helpful when deciding between tasks that need to be done now, can be planned, delegated, or saved for later. The tool was originally introduced to me by a client, and at first, I had a hard time understanding the difference between urgent and important.

 Use it on days when feeling overwhelmed or on a daily basis. Ask me about the worksheet, or let’s discuss it during one of our sessions!

matrix for daily planning

Many websites describe the matrix above, I especially liked this one: The Eisenhower Matrix: Introduction & 3-Minute Video Tutorial