A First Session

When I did a yearlong internship at my college; one of the first things I learned was motivational interviewing. It has proven an wonderful technique that I use to figure out if a client is ready for change, and if yes, what his/her goals are. Without willingness to change an educator or counselor can talk all they want. They will not be heard until they find something that resonates with their client. So, what to do?

If you become my client I will first tell a little bit about myself and what will happen today, next I’ll ask why you would like to talk to me. You do the talking and I do the listening. You might hear me sometimes repeat what you have said, that helps me figure out if I understand you correctly. What I should add is; that at this stage in my career I can answer mostly general nutrition questions; about for example why most people should be eating more vegetables, or how much fruit a day is healthy. If you think you might be sick, or are worried about your health I recommend you speak to your doctor.

One of the students that I have guided in the past was very motivated. He always had a goal ready and after several sessions his goals were not even about food anymore. He was ready to tackle other issues in his life. With another student results came slower, it was harder to stick to the weekly goals we set together and I wished we would have had more time together to accomplish goals. You never know what happens, just know that you have all my support.

Tomorrow I will meet new clients in my job as a nutrition educator for a non-profit organization and I will have to be flexible and focus on them and what they would like to change. It will be a challenge because everything is new, but I will be ready to listen…

For more information about motivational interviewing, check this link

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