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How Past, Present and Dreams for the Future Can Make Life Happen…

While growing up my dad had many messages about eating well for general health. He also spoke about how food would influence my day for better or worse. He had some interesting stories to proof his point and those stuck. Combining that with a love for cooking from scratch (coming from my mom’s side of the family), I realized I wanted to become a dietitian. That way I could talk about food all day, help people feel better with foods and hopefully keep cooking.

I now have a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics with experience in educating children, teenagers and adults on healthier food choices; whenever possible combined with cooking sessions. I work as a community nutrition educator for families and groups, and volunteer at a local Women Infants and Children (WIC) office.

I love what I do.

This website will, over time, include nutritional messages, food safety information, helpful links and above all be a place to come back to for new information and a pleasant read. I might include little parts of the favorite people I am living with; my husband and three girls and our house pets. But above all, hopefully one day I will tell you that I have a R.D. internship and that I am fulfilling my dream.

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