“Lighten Your Plate” started as a blog by me, Margreet Adriani. I have a B.S. in Dietetics and I love to talk about food and nutrition.

I work for a non profit organization where I teach nutrition education, each session including a cooking demo. I focus on the five food groups; fruits, vegetables, (whole) grains, protein, diary, and the dietary guidelines of 2010. The dietary guidelines advise healthy people 2 years and older.

The cooking demos are added to my sessions to give examples of healthy, yummy meals, fitting a tight budget. In my mind cooking is an important part of eating healthy, since the cook (chef) is the one who decides what ingredients are used and how much is cooked. So therefore, get cooking! There are many websites out there that can help, some of them will be mentioned in blogs when suitable.

In the meantime this blog helps me to stay current on research and provides a research based look at nutrition. No talk about how to lose 5 pounds in a week. Extra pounds didn’t show up overnight, and won’t be lost overnight. In other words; it takes time (think: making smart food choices) and effort (think: physical exercise) in order to lose pounds and become fit (again).

The good thing is is that food is so much more than losing or gaining weight and I hope I can show some of that in my blogs.

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